Friday, March 15, 2013

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Australia Follow Up

Many of you have asked about our trip to Australia. It was amazing, and I'll share just a few (of the thousands of!) pictures we took. A friend thought he was stuffed, but the koala above was real. :)

 We started with a week in Sydney. This was taken from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  No, we didn't do the Bridge Climb. (Sorry, Alex!) This was high enough for me, and the view was wonderful.  I added my lettering via Photoshop.

Our first full day in Sydney was Australia Day.  We spent the first half of the day exploring the city, including famous Bondi Beach.  Can you tell it's an Aussie holiday?

We spent the evening at the Sydney Opera House taking in La Boheme. It just so happened that the Sydneysider that took us around the city earlier that day had a son performing in the opera. That made it  even more special.

We took a day to go up to the Blue Mountains -  gorgeous! We definitely could have spent more days hiking there.

The second half of our trip we flew north to Cairns, and then drove north to Port Douglas. (Above is 4 Mile Beach in Port Douglas.) It is nearer the Atherton Tablelands where our son, Matt, is studying this semester.  Please read Matt's latest post about the Warrawee centre:  CLICK HERE

 While up north we visited the Daintree National Park and rainforest. The plants and wildlife were unlike anything we had ever seen.  This is a cassowary.  We saw it while visiting a wildlife park.  Read about the cassowaries that Matt and his fellow students saw in the wild: CLICK HERE

How about this little wallaby?!  Someone is ready for their close-up....haha!
I've added the lettering, since this is suppose to be a blog about my calligraphy...

 This is Cape Tribulation. It is where two World Heritage sites meet - the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics of Queensland.

Our last, big adventure was snorkeling/diving at the Great Barrier Reef's Agincourt Ribbon Reef.  We went to three different sites. It was my favorite thing. What an incredible eco-system. 

All the different types of fish and coral were stunning. The hardest part was not being able to talk to each other  - just pointing and looking at each other with "Did you see that?!" expressions through our masks.  (and thank you, Fiona! We did wear stinger suits!)

 On our last full day in Port, we woke up early in order to walk down to the beach for the sunrise.
Soooo pretty.  

Australia isn't quite as big as the USA, but it is huge.  It was difficult to choose which areas we would visit, because me may never get back there. I wish we could have spent several months there.

Thanks for enduring my vacation photos. :)

A little early, but.....

(Original lettering done with a 2.4mm Pilot Parallel Pen.) 

 Have a great weekend.


  1. Hi Jane. Your pictures are wonderful, and it looks like this was a awesome trip. I sure wish I could go there someday. Thanks for sharing. Welcome back and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too. Linda E.

  2. Fantastic! What a great opportunity! How much longer will your son be there?

    1. Thanks, Jan! He is suppose to come home the second week of May. Then he leaves the next week for the rest of the summer. :(

  3. Hi Jane,
    WOW!! What a great trip you had-thank you for sharing it. Your pictures are gorgeous.

  4. What fun to see your pictures! Thanks for sharing. I also love your lettering on the photos.

  5. Hi Jane - I'm glad you wore the suits and got the chance to snorkel. It's an amazing world down there and I LOVE your description of not being able to talk and just pointing and opening your eyes wide! Sounds like it was a good trip and great to be together - you are welcome back anytime : )

    1. Thank you, Fiona! We loved both your homeland and your people! :)

  6. Wonderful photos which bring back many happy memories of some of the places you've visited which we have also enjoyed. We love Australia very much and have visited twice but have never been to the Perth area and I think our long haul days are over - thanks for sharing all of that! God bless!

    1. It is a long haul, isn't it Joyce? But so worth it. Thank you for your comment; it's nice to hear from you again!

  7. I loved reading about your Australia adventures Jane! What an incredible trip. Beautiful photos and the addition of your calligraphy to the photos is perfect!


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