Friday, March 8, 2013

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Hymns That Last

I started a new journal recently.

My daughter gave me this beautiful journal which she had purchased while studying in Florence. I wanted to do something special with it.

After reading HERE about hymns that endure, I decided to fill the pages with these hymns. This is my title page.

Each writing page of the journal is preceded with a lovely, translucent page.

 The first page I filled with the lyrics of Abide with Me by Henry F. Lyte (1847).
1 down, 26 to go...

You can view the list of 27 hymns by CLICKING HERE.

If you like the background paper, then be sure to read the comments on this post.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  1. This is beautiful, Jane! What a perfect way to use such a lovely book.

  2. I also received a journal from Florence as a gift, 30 years ago and it is still blank.......

    am very interested in the exemplar behind the photo of the closed book....what is it????

    1. Christine,
      Thank you for your visit! The background paper was purchased while visiting European Papers in Columbus, OH. The paper includes images of alphabets that can also be found here:

      Click on each image to enlarge it.
      I hope this helps, and I hope you're inspired to fill the pages of your journal!
      Thank you for your comment.
      Kind regards,

    2. Although I don't believe European Papers has a store front any longer, they may still have the paper available at their website:

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for continuing to share your lovely work!


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