Friday, April 19, 2013

Flourish Friday - Peter Thorton Workshop

I really enjoyed my calligraphy guild's two workshops with Peter Thorton. The first workshop was Casual, Playful and Inventive Capital Letters.  Peter handmade his Rebel Ruling Pens for students that wanted them.  I did the lettering for "enemy" with my pen; however, I've totally botched the quote. (Perfection is the enemy of performance...or....The perfect is the enemy of the good.-Voltaire)

  First, Peter went over the Roman alphabet explaining the construction of each letter.  We worked in pencil, which I loved.  It really helped me focus on the forms.

Peter then had us start to vary the width of our letters. He also wanted us to use pressure and release with our pencils.  (The third row up from the bottom is Peter's lettering.) Misspellings abound as I try to concentrate on the forms.

Another botched quote, but I like the letters! :)  Peter had us progressively alter the letter forms.

Here I am trying to lighten my touch, after Peter said I was "engraving" the paper.

A phrase Peter used often during the workshop attributed to calligrapher, Irene Wellington.

I really like this page, because I feel as though I had progressed with lightening my touch and changing the forms.  I learned a great deal and would highly recommend Peter and his Casual, Playful and Inventive Capital Letters workshop.

Go forth and flourish, friends!


  1. I love seeing your work from the first two days, Jane. It makes me remember sitting at Ellen's dining room table with Peter urging me to lighten my touch with these same letter forms many years ago. Yours look wonderful!

    1. It was great to see you at the second workshop, Jan! I had never met Peter before, and I thoroughly enjoyed both workshops. (and I get to see Ellen (my first and foremost mentor) tomorrow!) :)

  2. lovely. I too enjoyed his workshops. Took them a few years ago. Have a great day


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