Friday, April 12, 2013

Flourish Friday - Talk Less, Listen More

A piece inspired by Proverbs 10:19. 

Looking forward to the next three days and attending Peter Thorton's Casual, Playful and Inventive Capital Letters and Decorated Letters of Adolph Berndt workshops.

Happy weekend, Friends!
Go forth and flourish.


  1. This is gorgeous, Jane. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I need to remember this more, at times! (:

    Your lettering and composition is wonderful!

    Have a great time in Peter's class. I must admit, I am a bit envious. I would just telling Heather, this week when she visited, that I wanted to take that particular class! Enjoy!!

    1. *was* telling Heather....

    2. I've really enjoyed the Peter Thorton workshop. He lives in Chattanooga, so not too far for him to travel to your area - you'd love it! I hope you and Heather had a great time together; I am envious of that! :)

  3. Really striking composition and dynamite lettering!! Enjoy your classes!

  4. Very nice Jane-thanks for you comment about J. Sullivan's class. We had great fun- I've been so busy lately so didn't see your comment. And I enjoy Peter's workshops too!


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