Friday, September 20, 2013

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Logo Design for Moonshine Hill Inn

I was delighted to receive these promotional images from my client, Ann Johnson. Ann owns Moonshine Hill in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee and has hired me for a few special projects, including this logo design.

 She gave me permission to share these images of her beautiful getaway.

 Ann wanted the logo to have a "seeing double" feel to it as a nod to the property's moonshine making past.  The Leiper's Fork area, just outside of Nashville, is gorgeous - lots of rolling hills - and I wanted to incorporate that feel in the design as well.  I normally do logos in black ink, so it's always great to see how an art director brings them to life.  

The fire looks so cozy.  Looking for a special getaway?  A venue for a wedding or special event?  Call Ann at Moonshine Hill!
To visit the Moonshine Hill website, CLICK HERE.
(Be sure to watch the video.)

I am sad to learn of Gwen Weaver's passing.  I admired her novel approach to the pointed pen.  She created and developed her own alphabets - some with crazy, bent nibs - and she shared them generously with all through her teaching.  Years ago when I was a student in one of Ellen Simon's classes, other students were showing what they had done in a Calligraphy Guild of Indiana workshop with Gwen Weaver the previous weekend...and that was it for me....I didn't want to miss another opportunity like I joined the guild.  Thank you for that Gwen.

I think I will go find some of my favorite Gwen exemplars and practice.
Go forth and flourish, Friends.


  1. Beautiful place and your logo is also beautiful!

  2. Awesome on both counts - your logo and her resort!

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