Friday, September 27, 2013

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Paper Folding Project

I don't use Pinterest much (actually, I'm trying to spend LESS time on the internet), but I was intrigued by THIS POST my niece pinned.  I thought it would be fun to try and make a paper candle holder using paper with my calligraphy on it.

I downloaded the template from the Mini-eco site and print it on plain copy paper.  I printed some old lettering I had done with one of my Coke pens onto ecru resume paper.

I followed these instructions from the Mini-eco site. I left the paper template on top of my lettering while I did the scoring. I wish I had taped the template to my lettered paper with blue tape, so it would not shift during the scoring.

I did the vertical (mountain) folds.

 Then the diagonal (valley folds) folds.

As with many paper folding projects, attention to detail is important.  My folds were off kilter here and there, which proved frustrating later.

I wanted to give-up on the project more than once...

...but I didn't, and I finally got the two halves folded.

 I taped the two halves together with double stick tape.

I popped in a flameless votive candle...
and waahlaah! :)

I think I have about 5 hours and 2 acetaminophen in this little guy!
Enjoy your weekend, Friends!
Go forth and flourish!!


  1. Good for you for sticking to the challenge! I can see these in red and green on a holiday table. I love how they look on the inside, too.

  2. Beautiful. I'm pretty sure if I had tried this, the whole thing would have gone up in flames the moment I lit the candle!

  3. Lovely idea... my first though was 'FIRE!' But then you said you used a flameless votive.. wise choice!

  4. Yes...but you finished it!!!! Yay!

  5. Jane, This turned out so nice. I'm glad you continued to pursue it. Your calligraphy really makes it a unique piece of art. Thanks for sharing it with us. Linda E.

  6. Beautiful! Proof that hard work pays off!


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