Sunday, March 9, 2014

Calligraphy Studio Overhaul

 Helloooo Friends! It's been over four months since my last post.  I've been keeping busy with a number of projects; one of which was giving my studio a much needed overhaul.  In the image above and video below, you can see how cluttered I had allowed my work space to become...

Ugh! I was beginning to suffocate.

 This image was taken during the long, overdue purge.  I tried to remove as many things as I could from the studio.

I am slowly and judiciously bringing items back into the studio. 

This is my main workspace. This image was taken during the purge, before I brought my light box back into the studio.

This is the same view now.

 Another view during the purge...

 ....And after.  My desk had been in another part of the house.  I'm happy it's now in my studio.

 My bookcase looks so anemic now.  I donated two, FULL suitcases of books and periodicals to my guild's White Elephant Sale.  My biggest challenge will be resisting the urge to buy more books.

I actually have room to practice some Carolingian!

My Mac Space. 

I updated my pen racks using burlap. :)

I apologize for not posting sooner.  I appreciate your concern and support, and I'll try to post more often. Although I'm rarely on Facebook, I think my blog posts will still link there automatically.  I have been sharing images on Instagram, and I link them to my Flickr account.  If you're on either of those two sites, then feel free to look me up by my username:  carmelscribe

Don't forget.....IAMPETH is coming to Indy this summer!! Convention registration for members begins this coming Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 11am Eastern Standard Time.  If you are an IAMPETH member, then you should have received an email recently requesting that you update your member information.  All IAMPETH members are asked to update their information via the new system as soon as possible.  (Whether you plan to attend the convention or not)

I hope to see you here in Indy this August!


  1. Hi Jane. It's good to see you posting again. I've missed you. This was a great post because it gave me the nudge I needed to get my act together and straighten up my work area too. Thanks for posting this. Linda E.

  2. Hi Jane!. I've missed your posts! You are blessed to have such a studio. I am a working father of two, (young ones) and my wife is a school teacher, I have no time to practice calligraphy, and my desk is far less stocked! Blessings - JW

  3. Just popped over to see what you were up to, Jane. Your studio is sooooo organized. It makes me feel like I need to do something drastic. Perhaps a small bomb would do the trick. I am inspired thanks for that. :^)


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