Friday, April 17, 2009

Flourish Friday

Here are 3 flourishes for your viewing pleasure. Each one is a detail shot taken from my Quaker Wedding Certificate shown in yesterday's post.  I learned to make the top and bottom flourishes--or cartouches really--from Pat Blair.  Pat is the head calligrapher at the White House, and she is an incredible calligrapher and a very, nice lady. 

I based the flourish below on one I saw in The Universal Penman.  I love that book!  It is chock-full of beautiful, pointed pen examples.

The mica watercolors really sparkle and shine.  I had to continually mix the color, but it flowed well from the pen and yielded good thicks and thins.

Check back next Friday for another flourish!


  1. all of your flourishes are gorgeous, jane! i'm somewhat partial to the one with the dangling hearts, but love them all! i've never met pat blair, but am surely familiar with her nice to be able to learn from one of the best! :)

  2. Oh Jane, how gorgeous! You make it look so easy but as a calligrapher I know how all the elements have to be perfect to create such beauty. Great job...

  3. Lori: I am attending my first IAMPETH this summer, and Pat will be one of the instructors - can't wait! Thanks for your comment. :-)

    Renee: Thank you! I so admire all your great work, but of course your pointed pen work most of all! :-)

  4. Beautiful work, Jane!!!! Have you ever taken a class with Mike Kesceg from Chicago? I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

  5. Thank you Julie! (I'm a fan of your work!)
    No, I haven't taken a class with Mike. I'd love to though! I took a pointed pen class locally about 10 years ago where I was introduced to Mike's work. I loved it, and I bought his Pointed Pen Variations style sheets from John or Brenda. :-)

  6. Jane, you are amazing! Your flourishes are so beautiful, wonderful design and fantastic use of color!!


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