Friday, July 6, 2012

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Bittersweet

Lettering done with a 2.4mm Pilot Parallel Pen. I filled the barrel with navy gouache.

By the time you're reading this, Rachel will be on her way to begin her new life in the Nashville area. We're happy for her. She's excited to start her new job. She loves Nashville and our family members that live in the area. She'll be only a 5 hour drive away. That's the sweet part. But now I won't be able to participate in the ordinary, everydayness of her life. That's the bitter part. (For me, not for her! haha.)  It's been wonderful that she's been able to do her training in Indy since graduating in May, but now it's time for her to fly.

Both painful and pleasant. 
At times, those two feelings are mixed into the exact SAME moment.

Fly, Rach, fly!
Go forth and flourish.


  1. I understand bittersweet. You said it perfectly!
    Now we get to watch them grow and see how their lives turn out!

  2. Your post makes me teary. I don't have children but can only imagine how hard that must be - to let go and want them to flourish at the same time. You have obviously been a great mom!

    Hugs to you.~

  3. Oh, such a lovely post. I'm wishing Rachel all the best in her new life and you are a wonderful Mom encouraging her to 'fly.'
    Happy weekend!

  4. Jane - your words touched my heart. That was how I felt when Kimberly started her career in NYC and lived there ten years....not being able "to participate in the ordinary" as you wrote. When you do have opportunities to be together, it will even be more special than the ordinary too....and that's bittersweet as well.

    You really have a lovely way of writing about your life Jane!

  5. Jane, she'll be great, and thankfully Nashville is not too far away. You can visit! She can visit home! It's a great city with lots to do. She'll never outgrow what she learned at home, and your great relationship will carry both of you through. : )

  6. Thanks for the post Jane. Always painful to watch our children fly away. I wish her all the best in her new life!!!

  7. One word says it all! It's ironic that we know we've done our jobs as parents when they're strong enough to leave us. Thank goodness for email, and Skype, and texting, etc, etc, etc.! Not like the old days of a weekly phone call or letter home... Thinking of you as you enter this next chapter. XOXO

  8. Oh, Jane. What a day that must have been to let go of the "ordinary, everydayness of her life." What a serious and honest sentence that was. I hope you are now celebrating this new season of watching of her flourish despite of you rather than because of you, but I will be thinking of you all the same!


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